Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clockshaft?

Clockshaft is an attendance tracker software-as-a-service application as our side-project back in 2017 from my previous startup. I continued building a new UI in 2019 and built new features like RBAC, subscriptions and app integrations.

What can Clockshaft do?

Clockshaft allows your team to record each of your member's time-ins, submitted leaves (or time-off) and holidays in a calendar viewed monthly or daily.

Unlike the usual attendance software, I have built it based on transparency and trust. There are no micromanagement features in Clockshaft, it is only flexible to allow you to have strict time-in or time-out, or flexibly allow them to time-in at any time.

Do you support remote teams with different timezones?

While the current version is a bit iffy (because timezones are hard), the answer is yes. With the 2020 pandemic, there is a shift in the global workforce transitioning to a remote teams. Clockshaft aims to help teams manage their remote members in a basic yet flexible attendance tracker without using Excel, Sheets or any bloated HR systems.

How secure is Clockshaft?

The servers running Clockshaft are in Microsoft Azure layered with Cloudflare for basic website security. I have applied standard security best practices with strict firewall rules to prevent data leaks, enabled two-factor authorization on all accounts, encrypted passwords, and updated TLS certificates for the running servers.

Do you provide payroll services?

No. But it is on the roadmap.

Do you offer discounts?

Clockshaft does NOT offer discounts for now.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay the Standard or Business Plan using any major credit card providers. Clockshaft is powered by Stripe to collect payments from our subscribers.

How do I cancel our subscription?

You may downgrade your Standard or Business Plan at any time. When you cancel the plan, the first 5 active members including the owner will be retained with access on your team account.

How are users counted towards billing?

An active user in the team counts as a billable seat in Clockshaft. If an active user was removed in the middle of the billing cycle, the cost per seat is computed in pro-rata. Clockshaft charges your team fairly based on your use.